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Columbia Athletic Association

Transition from Khoury League Association to District 19

To: Columbia Khoury League Participants
From: Columbia Khoury League Board of Directors
Date: January 29, 2019
Subject: Columbia District Change

Columbia has participated in the George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues for many generations.  The South Central Illinois District (SCID) has been our home and served us well by allowing us to compete with our neighboring communities.  Over the last few years, the SCID has continued to see a decline in not only the number of teams and players, but also communities involved.  After a recent drop in participating towns, we no longer feel it is in the best interest to our community to participate in the Khoury League Association. 

Over the next few weeks, the Columbia Khoury League will transition to the Columbia Athletic Association (CAA).  The CAA is a non-profit organization currently responsible for the management of the baseball fields at the American Legion Memorial Park and Bolm-Schuhkraft Park.  As part of this transition, the current CKL Board of Directors will form the new Baseball Chapter under the CAA, which will continue to include baseball, softball, Rookie Ball, Spring Training and umpire programs.

The CAA will be part of District 19, which includes Dupo, Freeburg, Millstadt, New Athens, Smithton, Valmeyer, and Waterloo.  The programs offered by District 19 differ slightly from what was offered by the Khoury League.  Rules for this organization can be found below on this page.  Divisions are now based on current grade instead of date of birth.  Please see the attached chart for new eligibility requirements as well as names of divisions.  In addition, District 19 does not offer a Machine Pitch program at the Atom I and Pixie I levels as we were anticipating for Khoury League this year.  The District 19 program offers a combination of kid and Coach Pitch, which is fully explained in the rules.  We believe this format will better transition your players by introducing kid pitch while keeping the game moving by supplementing with Coach Pitch.

As part of the transition, players whose Khoury League division match the new District 19 division will be automatically placed.  If your player qualifies for a different division than what he or she registered for, someone will reach out to you directly to confirm placement.  The final placements will be posted on our website for review prior to team pick night.  A link will be sent out to all parents as to where to find this information, as well as instructions regarding how to request a change to your player’s division if desired.

With this change also comes a shift in the dates of our season.  Practices are scheduled to start the week of April 1.  Games are scheduled to start the week before Memorial Day and go through mid July.  As a result, Spring Training dates will also shift to Thursdays starting May 23.  Please note there may also be a change to the days of the week divisions are scheduled.  There are no playoffs associated with District 19, but game results are tracked so the first place team from each division will receive trophies.  Also, for the first time, there will be an All-Star Game!

We firmly believe that this move to District 19 will further continue the success of our organization.  We will be holding a Parent Meeting on Monday, February 4 starting at 7:00 pm at the Columbia West Park Bowl meeting room to address any questions you may have.  Please join us to learn more about the future of recreational baseball in Columbia!

Thank you,
Columbia Khoury League Board of Directors